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The Boobie Trap
Silicone Scandals & Survival

In this compelling personal narrative, Barbara retraces her 30-year journey battling baffling and debilitating health issues since silicone breast implants were placed into her body following bilateral mastectomy in 1984. At subsequent revision surgery, both silicone devices were found to have ruptured and were replaced with the now scandal-ridden PIP implants which, within two years, became grossly distorted. Her third set of implants were banned for augmentation in the USA because of serious safety concerns. When her health coursed rapidly into a downward spiral, implants were finally removed from her body. Her symptoms and their severity multiplied in the months following.

Barbara travelled alone to the USA to consult with an internationally recognised expert where, following month-long testing, she was diagnosed suffering the biological effects of exposure to platinum salts. Used as a catalyst in silicone breast implants, platinum salts are one of the most allergenic substances and potent chemical sensitisers known to mankind.

In her quest for treatment, she encountered a deeply divergent response from the medical profession ranging from the caring and intellectually curious, to the closed-minded and patronisingly sceptical.

Her journey led her to an awareness of the regulatory failings of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and the impediment that Australia’s manifestly inadequate Freedom of Information laws pose to women making informed choices. She discovered that knowledge about the dangerous chemicals in breast implants cannot be disclosed either to women considering implants, or to those suffering their ill effects who are in desperate need of diagnosis and treatment.

Reviews and Testimonials

Ms. Stanistreet has succinctly and incisively analyzed the social, economic, medical and political components which were deployed in the development, marketing and post-marketing defense of silicone gel breast implants.
A narrative of her personal journey serves as a poignant and effective infrastructure for the transmission of scientific and medical knowledge.
This is a compelling read-with adequate scientific information to satisfy the medical provider and a storyline that humanizes this unique social phenomenon.
Michael Harbut, MD MPH FCCP

This book tells the story of Barbara Stanistreet’s iatrogenic illness, prosthetic mammoplasty sensitivity syndrome, and her nightmare journey over several decades through the largely uncomprehending highways and byways of the medical system.
It has only been through her innate intelligence, courage and determination that she has not only survived but also in the process acquired a deep understanding of her illness, and the strengths and flaws of modern medicine and its practitioners. It is her determination to share her hard-won knowledge and insights for the benefit of us all that motivates and drives this very personal book.
Dr. Thomas E. Dylan

Barbara Stanistreet’s publication, The Boobie Trap, is both timely and extraordinary, not just because of the skill with which it is written, nor the painstaking research that underpins it, but because of the content of Barbara’s account. In 23 absorbing chapters, Barbara retraces the complex trail of misdiagnosis and mismanagement that began with initial implant surgery following bilateral mastectomy in 1984.
The Boobie Trap poses questions and provides answers. What has caused the widespread failure of informed consent? Is it the responsibility of government to safeguard its citizens or to protect foreign commercial interests? And why do doctors, some doctors, fail to listen to their patients who suffer from persistent and intractable symptoms following silicone breast implantation?Barbara applied her formidable intelligence to the task of wading into the controversy surrounding silicone implants.
Elizabeth Johnson

I am in awe of your inner strength and fortitude whilst so very ill. To continually seek out medical professional after medical professional, undergo test after test, and face seemingly never-ending bureaucratic battles to get the right answers so desperately required is a great testament to you.
There must be thousands of women out there whose suffering is needlessly magnified by the lack of proper information but who do not have the ability or resources to seek such information. I do hope your book reaches as many of these women as possible.
Although I know your journey is far from over, I do hope your health continues to improve and that life becomes a little easier for you. It looks as though you are on the right track with getting your story out there and I wish you every success.
Miranda Wilson

Author Profile

Barbara Stanistreet

On completion of her general nurse training at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Barbara went on to qualify and practise extensively in differing specialty areas including Intensive Care, Operating Theatre Technique, Midwifery, Gerontology, General Surgery, Medical Practice Management, and Occupational Health and Safety.

She subsequently acquired the complex clinical, technical and administrative skills necessary to progress her career to senior management positions of considerable responsibility. Barbara’s nursing career spanned some 35 years.

In 2003, she successfully established her own business writing venture, The Write Answers. Over the past two decades, Barbara has provided a general writing and career consulting service. Working across all disciplines at all levels, her particular interest has been the preparation of résumés.